wM 8.2 Integration Server start issue

Can some one help me to resolve this webMethods 8.2.2 integration server issue,I am facing trouble while starting wM server as well as designer in version 8.2.2

OS : Window 7 with 64 bit OS
Java version 1.7 (build 1.7.0_65-b20)

Error :- While starting wM 8.2.2 server
Changing working directory to “D:\webMethods82\IntegrationServer”
Windows version is 6.1.7601
Starting as an application using Java.
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Configuration for server :-
I didn’t set anything in server.bat file I m using by default values AS IT IS

Designer Issue :-
Error While starting eclipse base designer 8.2.2 same error could not start or create JVM

configuration for designer eclipse.ini
D:\webMethods82\eclipse\v36 >

DO I need to set anything in Xusage.txt while by the way I am using by default value AS IT IS.
D:\webMethods82\jvm\jvm160_32\jre\bin\server> Xusage.txt ?

Dear All,

Do any one have correct soln for this Issue?

While going through few threads in google ie jvm - Eclipse error: 'Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine' - Stack Overflow

Any way I didn’t understand much on this post as it has more technical jargon on Java but I perform few steps which resolve my issue but still my system is getting hang or freeze very quick this was a not a issue while 2 days ago recently my system get upgrade to Java newer version ie 1.7 some kind of extra patch not version change okay …!

This is my Java directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin & JVM I am using in wM 8.2.2 IS is

What are the step I perform :-
1 change D:\webMethods82\eclipse\v36\eclipse.exe parameter fron 512m & 1024m to 256m & 512m this resolve my eclipse issue.


Then I change D:\webMethods82\IntegrationServer\bin\setenv.bat file from parameters 512m/1024m to below

My Window OS 7 with 64 bit with RAM 4GB & IS 8.2.2 was working very fine 2 days ago but suddenly everything is getting freeze can any one help me to look into this Issue. This issue solve by above steps but still if feel something I need to change to make my system quick and fast.


Please check that enough storage is available for creation of object heap.


Can you tell me what all configuration or paramters or in which location do you want to verify ?

When you IS freeze’s during that time is there any other process on your local system running heavily have you checked the Start Task Manager mainly the processes and Performance levels what it’s been going thru?


try this empower incident may be the solution can help.


I am unable to open SR ticket shared by you It says file not found or data not available Is it possible for you to share SR contain in this thread?

Can you please review my trouble shooting steps,do I perform all required steps or I missing some thing here?

I have attached my process stats doc it’s not look good, but from past few days I am facing performance issue while working with IS 8.2.2 in my system where as I have recently saw pop up for Java 1.7 version patch update and I removed my free version antivirus from mcafee to bitdefender software that all the 2 changes was performed a week ago.

Is there any other threads/SR or trouble shooting step you like to suggest.

Some how that Empower link article is no longer working.sorry!

Could be issue with Java1.7 patch update or changes you made on your system that could slower your IS performance…

Can you restart your system and restart IS and see if the issue goes away?


I just clicked on the link and it opened it may be because I have a softwareag id to login in empower.
the resolution says:
Reduced the min memory to 512 and the max memory to 1280M, the server is starting up fine from the command prompt.

OK good…some how ever it did not opened for me due to bad URL or some thing browser issue… (I am a Empower king and no issues with login I can say :smiley: )

Try the resolution and see if it makes any difference.