wM 7.1 not correctly mapping SOAP fault response

Hello, I’m a wM newbie, so I apologize in advance for the newbie-ness of my question. :slight_smile:

Here’s the setup:

  • I have a simple service in .NET. (I’m not a newbie in .NET or web services in general.) The service intentionally throws an exception, which the .NET goo converts to a SOAP fault.
  • When I consume this service in wM 6, all is good. I can see the fault data in the flow.
  • When I consume this service in wM 7, wM errors out with the following message:

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: com.wm.soap.coder.SoapCoderRuntimeException: [ISC.0076.9222] Document/Literal Coder: decoding error; cant convert SOAP Message to IS Document

  • I have logging turned on in my service, so I know that the call is coming in correctly and that the SOAP fault is going out. So it appears that wM is having trouble mapping the fault message to the wM-generated document.

Sorry if I don’t have all of the wM terms quite right.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any direction!


make sure you have IS_7-1-2_WebSvcsXML_Fix8 installed. I faced similar issue before and searched the advantage site for a fix. After installing it ,it fixed the issue.