wM 6.0.1 -- Installation - what components were installed

We have just installed webMethods 6.0.1 on our development region. So far we were just using the integration server, Developer and the Certification Toolkit. Now that the installer is common for all the webMethods Integration products I was not able to tell what all products actually got installed. During the installation it said it will install only the products that we are licensed to, but it let me select everything from the list. I was not sure about what all we are licensed to so I selected everything from the list. Now that the installtion is complete, is there is easy way to know what all components were actually installed.

The subdirectories under webMethods6 are


The Integration server and the developer are working. Is there a panel or a file I can go to to see what all products in the list below were actually installed. Here is a list of all the wM components listed in the install guide:

Integration Server
Trading Network Server
Trading Network Console
Administrator ( Is this same as the Integration Server Administrator) ???
EDI Modules
workflow server
workflow client
webMethods Mainframe ( do I need this to access DB2 data on mainframe) ??