wM 10.3 JMS trigger using native broker API needs to be changed from webMethods to Java application

[color=black][color=darkred]Dear Gurus,

Need your expert advice and inputs for moving webMethods native broker JMS triggers to Java application.

wM broker JMS trigger needs to be migrated to a new messaging provider name SOLACE (pubsub+) .Since wM broker needs to be removed from the system.

What are the artifacts that needs to consider in order to be confident for migration ?

Since Broker has been there in system from starting and it gives multiple nodes options, parallel processing, maintaing order processing and clustered environment.

Here applications communicate using webMethods trigger,queues, jms connection alias, jndi and Broker connection to channelise business critiical data which requires acknowledgment after delivery and it must provide reliability after migration.


It sounds like you are using JMS triggers. Then, best is to define Topics, Queues, Connection Factories in new JMS provider, and change the JNDI URL in IS to new JMS provider. That is the basic idea behind JMS that you can change provider easily, though in practice one is bound to run into few issues here and there.

The phrase “webMethods native broker JMS triggers to Java application” is vague, and technically inaccurate. And, the portion “… to Java application” sounds way off. You should get people with wM IS and JMS messaging knowledge on board.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Main ask is, is it possible to remove webmethods middleware, trigger part since business do not want dependancy on webmethods,everything should be on java

You should engage consultants from Software AG or its partners. This forum is wrong place to ask inputs for a decision that could easily cost millions in direct and indirect costs over years.

Coming to your question…
I can understand someone asking for “remove wM middleware”, but I cannot understand “everything should be on Java”. Plus, there are large number of unknowns that are best tackled by experts sitting with customer.


in wM 10.5 there will be a fresh version of Broker 10.5 (instead of the previous 9.6 version).

On the other side SAG provides a new messaging infrastructure named Universal Messaging (UM) meanwhile, for which they also provide migration utilities.

As for the messaging settings in IS there is either Broker or UM supported, but for built in JMS messaging functionality you have more options as long as there is a java api library available for this.