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Cumulocity IOT Plattfrom

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I would like to add a picture to a dashboard with measurements. See photo below.
Which widget do I have to use and how can I add measurements to the pictures?
In best case I would like to make the measurement yellow or red, when the measurment reaches a threshold.

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Is there aspecial widget to use?

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Thank you.


With SCADA Widget you can upload an SVG image and map device properties and measurements to placeholders. The placeholders would be these white areas in your image, you’ll need to incorporate them in your SVG before uploading.

Here’s a link to docs. And here how the widget configuration looks like:

@Korbinian_Butz: Thank you for the answer.

I have now prepared a .svg with two {{Plaeholder}}'s. When I upload the SVG I can see the placeholder and can choose the device. But I can not assign measurements from this device to the placeholders. I have an MQTT Device with two measurements.
The options I can choose are “assign field bus property” or “assign device property”, but I want to assign a measurement.
How can I assign the measurement to the placeholder?
To change the color of the font, I have to do it in the .svg, right?

Regards Martin

How can I assign the measurement to the placeholder?

Looks like you’re on the right path already. When you select your device, then the “assign device property” button and then scroll down to the buttom there’s a function for “last measurement”:

With clicking that one you’ll get a UI to select a measurement.

To change the color of the font, I have to do it in the .svg, right?

In general the Cockpit has a Datapoint Library where you can configure labels, target values and also normal/yellow/red-corridors. It is automatically used by most of the Cockpit widgets, but - according to a test I’ve just done - not in the Scada Widget. So I would say you would have to do it within your SVG.

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