Windows2003 and webmethodsdll compatible

Hi, we have a web site that runs a VB dll to interact with WebMethods. This process works fine on windows2000, but gets an “out of memory” error on Windows2003. After debugging with Microsoft it was found that the webmethods.dll was the route cause of the problem.

Has anyone had a similar issue?


Gee, there’s a shock, Microsoft support pointing the finger at another vendor.

I would not be surprised if the webMethods.dll was not yet certified with Windows Server 2003, but you would need to check with webMethods Technical Support to be sure.

What is the nature of your interaction with webMethods? There are many, many ways to invoke WM services or exchange information with other applications using webMethods.

In addition to HTTPS posts, MSMQ messages, web services, FTP and flat file interaction there is also a new webMethods .Net package that provides a .Net C#/Visual J API that can be used to invoke Integration Server services from within .Net assemblies.