Windows Vs Unix Vs Linux

HI All

Will like to know the opinion of this community about what is your preferred platform for deploying the webMethods Integrations and why ?

I spoken to the folks at webMethods a lot about this. Their customer base is generally split between Solaris and Windows (Customers appear to be successful on both). If you look at their product support and release patterns you will find that these two platforms are what they generally support first.

Having said that there are customers running successfully on HPUX, AIX and Linux(not very many on Linux).

If you look at your on internal IT shop, I would look at the platforms supported there and then go with the standard for your organization. The only caevat to this is Linux. There are at least two issues I see there: 1- They do not support the Mainframe adapter on Linux :confused: 2- The broker performance numbers on Linux are not very good compared to Solaris and Windows.

I generally prefer Unix(Solaris flavor). In general it tends to be more scalable and more reliable than its Windows counterpart. This seems to be especially true when you have a larger number of Integration Servers and brokers running on a single physical host. The Windows benchmark numbers are good though so if you are a Windows shop, you should probably be looking there.

One side note, we have not had exceptional reliability with the Sun Sparc architecture. A lot of failed system boards. :mad: The Solaris OS however has been rock solid. Solaris does run on AMD and webMethods will soon be supporting it on Intel.

More information on the subject - [url][/url]