Windows 2000 and Broker 6.5

Hi All,

I’ve read through all the documentation and it suggests that webMethods no longer supports Windows 2000 for 6.5 Broker. The docs suggest XP Professional or Windows Professional Server 2003. Neither of these are offered by my employer.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?



Hmmm. I think you need to recharge the dilithium crystals and try it again.



I tried your recommendation, but it did not work as projected. I have also tried a voodoo doll, but that flopped as well.

Thanks for you help.


Ray, I assume that running on 2K would be for dev only. Or is the expectation that it would run on 2K in prod? My guess is that it will run okay in 2K. As you well know if you run into an issue, tech support won’t help, unfortunately.

One work around is to change employers. :wink:

Ray mentioned in an email that the 6.5 Broker actually would not run correctly on 2K. I also suggested the employer punt option. :wink: