Will Xapplication support the node type Any ???

I really liked what I could do with the node Any since I can upload any xml data in this node and make search on this node.
Unfortunately I could not succeed to generate an Xapplication for a schema that contains this node.
Will Xapplication support this type of node in the following versions ??
Thanks for interests…

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Hello Mehmet,

we have the support of additional Tamino schema features on our task list with a high priority.
Support of ANY is one of the mostly requested features.
We plan to support it in one of the following releases.

Regards, Harald

Any is supported in Tamino X-Application 3.1.3.

Regards, Harald

Hi Harald, how are you?
Have you a sample of “any” node? I’ve a lot of problem when the content of the node is too long. I suppose that have an “any node” will solved the problem. Thanks a lot.
Best regards



there is one example called ‘Wildcards (“any”)’. It is part of X-Application’s simple examples. After installing X-Application and starting Tomcat you can access the example directly with