XQuery on "Any" element not working


We’ve just upgraded to Tamino from An unfortunate byproduct seems to be that most of our XQueries no longer work. It appears that if the “for $b in input() /Level1/Level2/Level3” will only return results if “Level1”, “Level2”, and “Level3” are explicitly defined elements in the schema. No results would be returned if only “Level1” and “Level2” were explicitly defined and an element type of “Any” was defined for “Level3”. This appears to have changed with the

If you load the attached schema and then the attached document, one of the attached XQueries works nicely in but doesn’t work in

The other XQuery will work in as long if the Xpaths do not extend into the “Any” portion of the schema.

Is this intentional or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance,
Jim McDowall
xquery.txt (385 Bytes)

Sorry, here is the schema…
BusinessObjectSchema.TSD (18.7 KB)

And here is the test document. Sorry again, I’m having trouble figuring out how to attach multiple files.
taminobug.xml (659 Bytes)