Widget not showing the data point ( series and fragment information )

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Data points Gragh in Cumulocity, last version of complicity

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I have successfully accessed and reviewed my data point in the cloud’s Data Explorer and Rest API postman. However, I am facing an issue where the data is not appearing in the widget. This issue arose due to a recent change in the device ID. I have attempted to update the series and fragment in the widget, but it is not functioning as expected. Can someone provide an explanation and solution for this?
by can not change the parent device to child device in the widget

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Question related to a production (customer) instance

Which tenant? Which widget?

tenant: subtenant created by using the cumulocity enterprise edition
Widget : Data Points Charting Graph measurements and statistics about measurements

What is the tenant url?

url : https://medmix.factoryvisual.eu/

an issue with the subtenant created by the main tenant. The subtenant URL is https://medmix.factoryvisual.eu/ and it was created from the main tenant URL https://mangment.factoryvisual.eu/

Are you using cockpit or Application Builder ?
Please share the version details.

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