How to update default Data point widget in Cumulocity

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UI 1016.0.170
Application Builder V2.0.0

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Dear team,
I am working with application builder to new a customize dashboard for a prospect.
For some reason, the prospect would like to enrich some default widget E.g: Data point widget in C8y.

They want to config curve tension of the line chart.
I have check the chart.js library, the ‘tension’ parameter is available for this requirement.
How can I implement for it ?
Should I upload a new widget package to replace the default one ?

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I assume you are talking about the data point graph. You can’t update or extend the Data point widget in Cumulocity easily. It’s still written in AngularJS and is part of the core. You probably would need to raise a valid feature request at R&D, if you want to update any widgets which are part of core.

I suggest to have a look at other options, at least for the data point graph. R&D has released a new Data points graph widget as an UI plugin, which is part of R&D’s Cumulocity community plugins. You can find the code of the plugins in the
cumulocity-community-plugins GitHub repository
. Either extend it yourself and maybe open a Pull Request or you could also raise a feature request in this repository.

In addition, you can have a look at the plugins released by Global Presales, which also include a couple of charting widgets, e.g. the Datapoints Charting Widget (cumulocity-datapoints-charting-widget-plugin). These are released as part of the Application Builder’s widget catalog and as UI Plugins. As the Global Presales UI Plugins are all public, you could extend them yourself.

Best regards

Christian Guether


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