Custom widget configuration with datapoint selection

I am trying to create a custom widget for a cockpit.
The widget should have configurable datapoints and events.
Preferably I would like to use the same selectors as used in the datapoint graph.
I did not find anything in the web SDK Dokumentation so i looked at the direktive the datapoint graph is using. I found it is <c8y-data-point-list>.

Sadly, when I try this directive, I get the error: NG0304: 'c8y-data-point-list' is not a known element:

I did some research and found conflicting information:

  • Another post in the Tech Community with the title C8y-data-point-list error in template (cannot post links) states, that <c8y-data-point-list> is not part of the web SDK.

  • A different post with the title Adding datapoints to custom widgets (cannot post links), however, refers to a stackoverflow question and implies that it is indeed possible to have the datapoint selector.

Final Question:
Is it possible to have the datapoint selector/ event selector like in the datapoint graph? And if so, how?

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

i created my cockpit with the command c8ycli new timeline-widget cockpit -a @c8y/apps@1013.0.276
node version v14.21.1
c8ycli version 1015.0.303


We at Alexis, a partner of Software AG, develops custom Cumulocity dashboard and widgets. If you need help, we can certainly have an exploratory discussion.



the datapoint selection list was migrated from angularJS to angular as part of the 1015.0.0 GA release.
To my knowledge the previous angularJS implementation was not usable within angular.

So starting with 1015 you can use the components provided in the DatapointSelectorModule and we also have some samples for this in the 1015 version of the tutorial app.

The event selector is still written in angularJS and to my knowledge also not useable within angular as of now.
You could try upgrading these components/directives from angularJS to angular but I had no luck with that so far.


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