Why pubdbexecSQL inerts bnullb values

Hi All,

I am trynig to insert in Content of an XML String using the execSQL , it is inserting null , that too it inserts only one.In fact i used all the stringToDocument and documentToRecord Steps and finally execSQL.

Attached is the Screen Shot of my Flow Servcie , can anyone advice me , where am i making the mistake.


What is your database? Are you trying to insert the contents of an xml (multiple records) into a table?
Please provide more info.

Hi james,

I have posted XMLToDB package in this forum. You can downlaod the same and work on.


Hi Ramesh,

      After documentToRecord step take map.Set empty (don't Hardcode) field which you will get null value from Xml document. 

Then call execSQL service.
In execSql service write insert statement using nvl
function in oracle.See my posting on july 27 th Flow and java
Services —>Insert into Oracle.This helps.I converted to_number
because my colume in database is number.2nd oneAfter Archieve through
Hope this helps you.