why my sap rfc listener is pending enabled?

hi all
can anyone tell me why my sap rfc listener is pending enabled.how can i solve the problem?



[ART.115.3258] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Fatal error in listener testEAI.testdemo.adapters:testListener. See error log for details null

can anyone tell me why cause it?

Hi Fang,

can you provide the error log for this error message?


2006-09-01 10:29:25 CST [SAP.0104.0008V1] Check: Checking Listener status for IS
IDS on r3server
2006-09-01 10:29:25 CST [SAP.0104.0011V1] Check: Restarting Listener Thread 0 (I
SIDS on r3server)
2006-09-01 10:29:30 CST [SAP.0104.0012V1] Check: Failed to restart Listener Thre
ad 0 (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: )

Hi Fang,

This is something related to the JCo libraries you have installed is not compatible with your current environment. Particularly the *librfc32.dll
Can you please provide the environment details and the JCo you have installed.