Why does a consumer WSD validate the WSDL against the environment you creatd it in?

I am using WebMethods 7.1.2.

I generated a consumer WSD in my development environment against a webservice being parallel developed on another integration server. I configured the client IS to use webservice endpoint alias.

I then proceeded to migrated the WSD and all reference components to our test environment. Once the target webservice was in test, I configured an endpoint alias on the client test IS to point to the webservice test region.

When the client invoks the webservice in test, I get a “host not found” error. This is because the pub.client.soapClient service appears to be validating the WSDL against the original development WSD endpoint I created it with. I should point out that our IS’s are all behind CSS switches so we can use IP aliasing to access our webMethods environments. By design, our test environment cannot get to development endpoint of the webservice.

I can lock the webservice adapter flow service and change the hard coded “address” parameter, but that defeats the whole point of having an webservice alias doesn’t it? I shouldn’t have to change the code.

If I was to migrate my client code to production, that would mean that the webservice client would be validating against the development WSDL before invoking the production webservice. Not good!

Does this seem like a bug? Has anyone run into this before?

No thats not a bug, that only means you didn’t read Integration Servers Administrators guide and took a look to “dynamic endpoint addressing” chapter, nor you are using deployer to move packages from one to other IS.

Configure webservices aliases and use deployer.

Thanks for the response…

I must disagree agree with it though. I most certainly did read the guides. That’s how I learned to use endpoint aliases in the first place. Honestly, and I’m sure others will agree that while helpful to understand how do something, the documentation isn’t always the “end-all” for solving problems. That is why I posted a question to everyone on WMUsers.

Please re-read my original description. You will see that I did have an endpoint alias configured on our test box.

I would also like to say that we ALWAYS use deployer to move our code from one region to the next. My company’s IT department has separation of duties. I am not an administrator so I do not have access to copy and paste code into another environment.

I am hoping that someone with experience using webservice alias endpoints has seen this behavior…or could think of something I could do to troubleshoot the issue.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.