Why can a connection attempt freeze?

I am making the following method call:

TaminoClient tamino = new TaminoClient(“http://localhost/tamino/FlowTaminoSample/ino:etc”);

But it just freezes. No Exception is thrown. Nothing happens. It seems to be waiting for a HTTP response or something.

I’ve also tried to use the API for JAVA, and it works no problem, but the JAVA Client API connection attempt freezes? Why?

What might cause this to happen?


Hi Shaun,

Some more information would be helpful:

What is the configuration you are using (ie. what webserver/version on what platform, what platform is Tamino running on, where is the client)?

Can the SMH administer the database successfully?

Has this ever worked or is this a new installation?

Kind regards,


Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

My development requirements have changed again, and I’m back to using the API for JAVA. I thought I had to use the client HTTP API if I wanted to get at the full response document, but I’ve since figured out how to get access to this document using the JAVA API ( you can check my posting in the JAVA API forum -> topic: “How do I get the entire ino:response document or XML response?” )