Which service is used for sending Documents to TN

Can any one tell me which service is used for sending documents to TN

before sending the documents to TN

Do you mean sending documents from a flow service within Integration Server [in which case generally wm.tn.doc.xml:reouteXml is a better bet than routeBizDoc as it avoids an extra sender identity check].

If you are asking in the sense “where do partners send their documents”, partners generally send documents to wm.tn:receive. If you are using EDIINT then there is a service wm.EDIINT:receive that should be used.


EDI documents are received by Trading Networks using the service wm.tn:receive.

That service can be invoked several ways. For trading partners one common way is direct HTTP post. You can use the service pub.client:HTTP to send a document with the content type application/edi and it will be recognized as an EDI Document.

You can use the file polling listener to pick files up off the file system and invoke tn receive. Again, make sure the content type is set to application/edi for the document to be properly recognized.

You can also invoke the service directly through flow. Make sure that the edi document is in the pipeline. It can be a byte[], InputStream or String parameter that must be called ‘edidata’.

These are just a few ways to send data to tn.receive