where to find Business Analyst Mode in Designer 8

Hi All,

Apologies for a really basic question but I do not seem to be finding Business Analyst Perspective in Desinger 8.0.

Has this been taken away with the introduction of Arisalign or it has been moved to somewhere else or is it known by a different name now?

A quick response would be really grateful!

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From documentation.

Designer displays only basic properties in the Properties view, basic preferences in the Preferences window, and basic functions on the main toolbar. This is Business Analyst mode. In order to see advanced properties, preferences, and functions, you must enable the Process Developer capability. This enables Process Developer mode.

thanks Senthil, I also discovered that both the Business Analyst and Process Developer views are available from Process Developer purspective itself. All we have to do is enable process developer capability (as you suggested) from within the same purspective.