Where to download the ARIS exercises for ARIS Modeler Essentials course

I am working through the Free Trial ARIS Cloud Modeler Essentials course.
In the course booklet, step 19f says to select the database file called “Modeler Database.adb” and states that it can be downloaded on the Exercises Files provided in the course under the folder “Exercise - Preparation”.
The file is not available and I cannot find the folder.
Can anybody please help? Thank you

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Hello Samantha,

In the CORE section of your course you can click on “Get Your Free Trial ARIS Cloud Instance” and then in the Table of contents in your left panel if you click on “Hands-on Lab: Get your Free Trial ARIS Cloud Instance and Additional Information”, you should be able to find the link to download a compressed folder with the lab materials including the “Modeler Database.adb” file.

I hope this helps.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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