where is wm.server.ns:getNode out?

hi wmusers,

i wanted to get list of all my service in one package.
i invoke wm.server.ns:getNode.

i found an output Document called “node”.
but, when i tried to copy the output to on other pipeline. i got null from “node” pipeline?

but, it works when i save the pipeline to the file, then restore the pipeline and copy it to an other Document.

MAP (save to an other pipeline)

what’s happen with the pipeline output (“node”)?
is it hidden and can not be copied to an other?

I had to do the same thing (save+restore) some times ago to get the node document, don’t know really why… It is an internal service so it’s not documented and “should not” be used.

You can try wm.server.packages:packageInfo in order to retrieve all the services in a package.

But allways be aware that these services can be modified/changed/removed between the different “versions” :proud:

thank you,

i used getNode to get detail infromation of service (input, output, Store Procedure Name, table name, etc).
i will be carefull using this service.

That service actually returns an NSNode Java object. You can use a Java service to extract more information from it. Example of service that returns package associated with the node:

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