Where is project information stored?


I wonder where the project manager in Application Designer stores information about projects. Can somebody tell me :slight_smile: ?


Hi Martin,

first of all: all things are kept on the file system - we do not touch anything else (eg registry). You know an App Designer project is “just” a sub directory of your web app having a defined structure (eg a sub dir “accesspath”). There is one configuration file we store the Layout Editor settings in. It is called ciseditorconfig.xml (kept within the project dir) and keeps the information about e.g. Java source diretcory (…in order to use the Code Assistant…).

The App Designer provides for an API (class ProjectManager) to return the list of projects. The ProjectManager identifies a sub dir as “project” if the directory follows the App designer structuring (eg it has an sub dir “accesspath”).


Hi Martin

Thanks for your quick reply - you put me on the right track.

I made some kind of initalization process for generating the whole webapplication in development mode. Because the stuff in “accesspath” and “appclasses” gets generated (= non-source) during development it isn’t part of the file set that is checked into our subversion repository. I always wondered why Application Designer recognized my “ownproject” directory only as soon as I manually added it through the project manger GUI but without leaving any trace in some file. I didn’t think of attributing this behavour to the directory structure. :oops:

It is like you mentioned: As soon as I generate an empty “accesspath” directory in my “ownproject” directory it get’s recognized by the project manager

Thanks for your help :smiley: