Where is my log file - Natural on Unix - upgrade to Itanium 9.1.1?

He we are in the process of upgrading from an older Natural/Adabas on Unix to Itanium 9.1.1. I believe this is a setup issue but maybe someone can explain. Everything else has been upgraded seamlessly. When our natural programs execute in batch we always get the corresponding xxxx.nat, xxxx.err and xxxx.log. For some reason we are getting the .nat and the .err files generated automatically out of batch. Our log file is associated with work file 31 in our existing version. . Yet for some reason it is not being produced from the poc version on 9.1.1. Where is the setting? Thanks for any pointers.

The automatic log file created by Natural is controlled by the NATLOG parameter. By default the log file is created in the Natural TMP directory, but you can override this with a NATURAL.INI setting.

Invoke the Natural Configuration utility (natparm.exe) and navigate to the Work Files section to view or change the directory and file name for CMWRK31.

Thank you very much!!!

Larry Ochs