Natural Batch log file


While running a batchmode, a log file is not written to system file until the script ends.
Is there a way to force write a log file even the scripts is not ended yet?
This is very important, while there is an endless loop, but if I will kill the process, I will not see any log file.

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Output can be seen in CMPRINT/CMPRTxx as whole pages are completed even while the job is running. You could designate some unused print file to be your status log and force it to NEWPAGE (n) after each WRITE (n) statement.

Just don’t print the thing… it would be a total waste of paper.



Hezi is running Natural for Open Systems where your mainframe technique doesn’t work. The use of NEWPAGE or output-only maps will not force a physical write. Unix will hold Natural’s output until it fills its own physical buffer, probably 32k. You need to fill that buffer before you see anything.