Natural DBLOG on Batch with WorkFile


I have several environments without Adabas Command Log and Review for “tunning” support.

I need to execute TEST DBLOG on “batch” and I need to write the info on an Natural Workfile (CMWKF01 on defect).

If I have a Natural Program that uses Natural workfiles and I need to write the DBLOG on a workfile. How can I execute to write DBLOG in other worfile that CMWKF01 ?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

DBLOG writes its report to CMPRINT, not CMWKF01. In your JCL you can route CMPRINT to a dataset.

If your application also writes a report to CMPRINT, then that report, DBLOG, and Natural’s audit trail will all be found in the dataset. You can separate the application report by coding MAINPR in your Natural parameters. For example, MAINPR=11 will send the application report to CMPRT11, leaving the audit trail and DBLOG in CMPRINT.