Where can I find complete documentation on the new API?(Java

Hi, there,

The JavaDoc on the new API(\Tamino\Help\inoapi\javadoc\index.html), which came with the CD, evidently lacks of many Classes/Interfaces.
e.g. JavaDoc contains only 3 Intefaces in com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.response package: TResponse, TServerEcho, TServerTime. Most of other Classes/Interfaces are missing, such as TResponseBuilderFactory, TResponseBuilder, and many others. (These classes happened to be important when converting TInputStream to TResponse)
The same holds true to at least some other packages such as io package

So where can I find a better JavaDoc or other API documentation?


The JavaDoc contains advisedly only the necessarily classes and interfaces. It is recommended to use a Accessor (instead of the TResponseBuilder) to convert a TInputStream to TResponse.

Thanks,Anro, for your reply.

Here is the deal. TStreamAccessor, which is only Accessor I know to use cursor, returns only TInputStream. It is much nicer if the inputstream can be converted to TResponse object, instead of parsing it by hand. I failed to find anything other than TResponseBuilder to do the job. Since TResponseBuilder is not an advised way to do this, is there anyother way to do the conversion?