Where can I download the .NET API for Tamino 4.2?

Where can I download the .NET API for Tamino 4.2?

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I don’t think that you can get it online.

Why not install Tamino 4.2?

Failing that you could always contact support.

Thanks for replying:

I’ve already installed Tamino 4.2 . The problem is that another application that uses Tamino 4.2, during the installation, says that the tamino .NET API is not installed. Surely this is a problem of this new application, but…how can I test it? Does exists any built test application for the .NET API?


This sounds odd to me - I wasn’t aware of anything in the installation having a dependency on the .NET API!

The .NET API is essentially comprised of 2 files: TaminoAPI.dll + TaminoAPI.xml. A .NET program will need to have a dependency on the .NET API - either in the GAC or by local copy.

The .NET API comes with its own set of examples called dotnetexamples.