When opening JDBC adapter serivce, it takes long time to ope

Dear expert,


  • IS: 7.1.1 with IS_7-1-1_Core_Fix1 and IS_7-1-1_SrvPrtcl_Fix2 on AIX 5.3(64bits JRE)
  • Developer : with or without IS_7-1-1_CL_Fix1(wm-isclient.jar) on WinXP SP2.

When opening any jdbc adapter services(select, insert/update and so on), it took too long time or developer got hang. Some adjustments is performed to handle this symptom.

  1. Raise JVM Heap size to 512M.
  2. Test with Developer 7.1 (Fix1). Developer 7.1 is much faster than 7.1.1 but developer got hang often.
  3. Run developer with debug mode. When open a jdbc adapter service for the first time, high network traffics between the local developer and the remote IS were generated to 500KB per second. some times developer got hang with the following message.

2008-04-02 08:43:50 GMT [ISU.0000.9999V1] Service Editor: Invalid key.