When I import the certificate the Subject CN and Issue CN value is blank


I am trying to import the Client certificate(.der) and CA certificate of the Client(.cer). After the installation, the Subject CN and Issue CN values are blnak for the CA Certificate.
" Successfully imported certificate for subject null signed by null with serial number …" is dispalyed.
I tried by changing the .cer to .der format also. But getting the same result.
Could anybody help me out …

Thanks in advance …

did you make these certificates yourself (with like openssl) or did you get them from a place like thawte. If you are on windows, you can right click on it and choose to open with “Crypto Shell extensions”. That will divuldge to you all data available and visible. If you are on a linux/bsd/unix you may be able to use openssl to look at the information. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Hi Bedu,
Thanks for the reply.
This is the certificate given by the client.That is from verisign.


I guess you solved your problem. Please share what steps you followed. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

I am having the same issue with a pub cert sent by a Trading Partner.
How did you resolve this ? In my case, cert is generated inhouse by the Trading Partner.