EDIINT Decryption for payload is failing

Hi All,
We are using AS2 EDIINT with IS6.1. Everything was working fine till I installed verisign test certificate for one trading partner and after that for all transactions decryption is failing for payload in AS2. We receive the messages signed and encrypted from trading partners. They sign and encrypt the message with our server’s public key.
I am receiving the error
"java.lang.SecurityException: Unsupported keysize or algorithm parameters "

I have removed the test verisign certs from server and even created a new WMRepository also but still all the transactions are failing at decryption. In TN error is “processed/error: decryption-failed”

Please let me know if anyone had the same issue or knows what could be the resolution.

Thanks in advance.

You may have inadvertently removed/changes your server/decryption certificate while importing this client certificate. I’d suggest re-importing your “enterprise” certificate/key combination.



Did you default algorithm as TripleDES?

Thanks for the replies.

I have import the certs again but same error. Yes default algorithm is TripleDES.

A few ideas:
1- If you restarted the server when you installed the versigin test certificate/CA - I’d suggest that you re-start after importing your correct enterprise certificate.
2- Did you change your Java version/environment (policy file)
3- Added any new code that loads a new security provider?

I still suggest that you re-start wm and re-import your enterprise certificate. Especially if everything was working fine before.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Actually one of my collegue has changed the IS JDK to external and forgot to revert back after testing. Now we are pointing to old internal IS JDK and everything is working again.

Thank you all for your valuable advice.


Glad it resolved.