When does the unused connection(s) get free?

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This is what i have noticed in our custom adapter which has been developed using the ADK. But since the question for which i seek clarification is generic thought it would be best to raise it up here.

In our adapter, the behaviour of freeing up the unused connection seems to be erratic. Sometimes the destroyConnection method gets called too early and sometimes it doesnot get called at all. Wanted to know if there are any guidelines as such for this?

Let me give an instance of what i have observed in our adapter. Assume that the connection parameters are
Minimum Pool Size is 0
Maximum Pool Size is 3
Expire Timeout is 1000

i notice that with such a setting, before the adapter service is able to service a request, the destroyConnection method is being called erraticly. I understand from the documentation of the combination of the Minimum Pool Size and Expire Timeout parameters, the connections are freed up. So does that mean that Minimum pool size should never be set as zero, as after the Expire Timeout it will try to free up as many unused connections to make the available connections equivalent to Minimum Pool Size?

Another quesion - When does the unused connection(s) get free? Sometimes i dont find the destroyConnection method being called at all, evenafter say 10 minutes of inactivity. So has someone ever faced such erratic behaviours or point me to any other documentation other than the ADK User Guide?

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try to use Logger…I think the log information can give you some tips…