What SMF record/s are collected for ADABAS?


I’m at a new shop and support team is not very friendly here. I was wondering how can I figure out which SMF records for ADABAS (and Natural) are being captured?

And what is the list of standard SMF records to be captured in general, for a Natural/ADABAS shop? Please advise.

For Adabas, you would need to see what has been set in the nucleus startup parameters.

Natural doesn’t generate SMF records itself. Natural typically runs as either a batch job (which generates batch SMF accounting records) or as a CICS task (which depends on the CICS configuration as to what SMF records are generated).

The chapter ´Adabas SMF Records´ in the Adabas documentation might help you, see


(I think you need to have credentials for Empower to see this docu)

Not yet, starting April 14th, according to http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/