What products is a part of Tamino Mobile Suite?

What products are a part of Tamino Mobile Suite?

Quite late answer, probably you already know, but just in case:

- Tamino Mobile Studio, and IDE to create and deploy mobile applications

- Tamino Mobile Foundation Server, J2EE runtime for operating mobile applications. Among others, it includes:
. Presentation Server, multichannel user interface manager for online mobile applications (HTML, WML, XHTML, VoiceXML, …)
. Notification Server, alert dispatcher (SMS, MMS, WAP push, email, etc)
. Synchronization server, for supporting offline applications

- Tamino XML Server (associated to Foundation Server)

- EntireX XML Mediator (associated to Foundation Server)

- Tamino Mobile DB, XML database for being used by offline (autonomous + sync) mobile applications, available in Pocket PC and Windows

- Smart Client, runtime for operating offline mobile applications, available for:
. MIDP (J2ME), and
. pJava (Jeode over PocketPC only by now)
. J2SE, I hope

In upcoming releases there will also be a Business Analysis module, that will help to analyze the usage of online applications. For 1.1.1 it is not available yet.