Just some questions

I just wonderd how the market is developing for the Tamino Mobile? Any big customers, og just developers using it as “a toy”.

And how does the TM work together with Birdsteps Mobile IP-Client? If anybody here have heard about this MIP

Dear Ole,

Software AG see a big advantage in extending XML technology also to mobile devices. Therefore Tamino Mobile is an essential part of our mobile offering.There are already several big companies using it.

From a solution perspective it will also fit for applications that make use of birdstep technology.
But please keep in mind that the mobile IP client is mainly something to connect devices to IP based networks.

Thank you for your interest.

With kind regards
Ralf Rutke

Thank you Ralf

Im no developer or anything, just a curious potential user.

Is there any “sucsess-stories” from one or several of the big companies using the TM? What do they use it for? Some links to companies where they describes their use og TM would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance