What kind of java skills are required for developing solutions using webMethods Integration

Hi All
I am new to webMethods integration. My experience is mostly in Microsoft stack such .Net, C#, WCF and MS BizTalk server (Microsoft’s Integration suite/middleware).

I now want to develop my skills & expertise in webMethods. I don’t have Java background but I am open to learn it if it is required to develop solutions in webMethods integration.

I would like to ask community folks that is learning core java language enough? or do I need to develop expertise in any other specif java related frontend or backend technology or framework besides core java?

Are there any specific areas of Java that I should focus on?

Please advise/comment.

Hi Mubarik,

Java knowledge is not a prerequisite to develop with webMethods.
As a first hint you should get yourself familiar with Designer (there is a “Working with Designer” Guide in the documentation section).
Second you should check out the IS Built-In-Services reference to see which services are already available by default.

Preferred language when developing webMethods services is Flow language.
For the case you encounter a solution step which cannot be done in Flow, basic Java knowledge should be sufficient when it is not very sophisticated task.


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Hi @Mubarik ,
To add to Holger’s comment, there are many resources to learn Flow language. Some resources below :
Learning portal - The New Learning Portal is live
Basic flow tutorial - webMethods Flow Tutorial - No.1 Create an IS Package and Folders - Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums
Articles on the knowledge base - Latest webMethods topics in Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Happy learning

Hello @Mubarik,

Feel free to email us at Learning.Portal@softwareag.com. We will gladly share our self-paced webMethods course recommendations available at the Learning Portal (https://learn.softwareag.com/index.php?redirect=0).

Just a word of advise - Its important to not to compare Apple to Apple when you are picking up.

Some amount of unlearn and re-learn required

Thanks Maria
I’ll be glad to email at Learning.Portal@softwareag.com and get access to self-paced webMethods course recommendations. Thanks for your suggestion & response on this topic.

My thanks to other community folks as well for their valuable suggestions/inputs on this topic.