What is webMethods action register

Hi Every body,

       Can you people tell me what is webMethods action register and what it does and where it is in the webmethods. Some Thing has been updated in the oracle, i have to investigate this issue in webmethods.  Thanks in the advance. 

Mohd Muneeruddin

Hi RMG and all,

      Can you people tell me what is WebMethods action registry. and where it'll be in webMehods. Thanks in advance. ITS augent

To be frank i am not sure about it.If anyone have clues please share the topic.



What webMethods product(s) are you using? What is the error message that has you searching for the “action register”? Did someone also ask you to find the webMethods Left-Handed Smoke Sifter or maybe to take part in a Snipe hunt, too?



I am getting the error in the Stored porcedure arlear it was working fine. I checked with the old data in my test server now its giving the problem for old data too. Myc Client asked me to find out the resone for this error and he told me to check in the webMethods action registor. Please help.


Please tell us what products you are working with and where you are seeing this error.