WM Advantage User Login

Hi… All…
Last week i was succeed to join the https://advantage.webmethods.com/ member page. I downloaded some documentation an whitepapers. But, today my account is no longer valid. I have asked reactivate the user account but not yet replied.
Does any one knows bout the registration procedures of https://advantage.webmethods.com/??

Reza A. Syah

You can use this link to register in advantage website.

Access to Advantage is restricted to Software AG’s webMethods customers with current support agreements, and partners. Be sure to register with your company email address.

how to kill the threads in webmethods for particuler sevcie

Please search the forums on this topic as it has been covered before. The basic answer is that you really shouldn’t kill threads.

Also if you have a question for a new topic you should start a new discussion thread instead of asking in a thread that has nothing to do with your topic.

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