What is the user interface like? Is it strictly for data architects and managers?

OneData’s user interface can be easily configured to support the requirements of data stewards and architects. It also can be simplified to meet the reporting and query demands of business users.


I have started exploring oneData 9.7 and went through documents.
I have the oneData server running now.

Would any one please guide how to setup Trillium framework and integrate with oneData.
Also, how to access the oneData UI.
I am new to this so it might be a vague request, if so then please excuse.
The document doesnt seem to give proper info, or its not fit for a newbee who is trying to explore.(probably)

Any help is appreciated.



I have been able to access the OneData UI now.

But i am not able to see any config icons on the UI (eg. Administer)
Also, after the first log in as the system administrator i was navigated to the password change window but when trying to change password i get following error: Your password could not be changed due to a system error.

Can any one out of the experts can guide on this.