what is the roadmap 2020 for webMethods AgileApps?

what is the roadmap 2020 for webMethods AgileApps? will there be some significant features released in 2020?

Hi Min,

AgileApps has an active roadmap for 2020.

First and foremost, we have released support for Chinese language for on-premise customers in China already and for cloud is on the way.

Secondly, we have now made it easier for customers to customize their UI as per their requirement if they want to go over and beyond the standard UI offered out-of-the-box.

Next one is the mobile app that is slated to come out soon and the ability to create your own custom mobile apps from an easy to use web interface.

Let me know your email id and i can provide a more detailed roadmap presentation.


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thanks very much Gaurav, your answers is helpful for us. please share the detailed roadmap to my email: min.zhou@yisquare.com.cn.