What is the method to import a custom .css stylesheet?

I would like to import a custom .css stylesheet.

I found the answer and this works for me. Adjust to your own situation.


  1. Export skin (Test.skin)

  2. Extract .skin contents (to desire location/path on your workstation)

  3. Add these lines to the skin.properties.xml file and save

    css/extended.css css/extended.css
  4. Add your custom styles to the extended.css inside the css folder and save

  5. Zip everything back up (Test.skin)

  6. Import the [modified] .skin back into your Portal/MWS

< property >
< name >css/extended.css< /name >
< value >css/extended.css< /value >
< /property >

I tried following these directions so that I could modify the extended css.

Nevermind, just found out it was an error with zipping up the directory.


I have exported a skin, Testing.skin ,and modified .css and zipped it back to Testing.skin.
But, when I import it back, I get the error " System cannot install this type of component: [zip]. Supported typed are pdp, skin …
I have the zip name as testing.skin.
Please let me know how the issue with zipping can be solved.

Thanks in advance

Skin components should end with the ‘.skin’ file type. (They are just zip archives)