What is the default username and password for webMethods Optimize

Okay, so I installed the Optimize Controller, installed mySQL, and then pointed my browser to http://localhost:8080 (the Optimize homepage) where I was challenged for a username and password.

Can anyone please tell me what the heck the default username / password is? IS has Administrator/manage, and Optimize has…? Help!

I believe in the Optimizer documentation some where they should have provided default user/password.

Generally after buying the particular product WM gives the user/pwd for user.
If not contact WM tech support for immediate resolution.


The default username / password is not well publicized. Here it is:

username = admin
password = ken0bi

That’s ken0bi with a “zero”.

This will change to the standard Administrator/manage in the next version.


Hi all,

Me too facing same trouble here.

Please let me know what to do?
Anil Kurnool

For webMethods Optimize 6.1.5


Username: Administrator
Password: manage

Worked for me
We can change the login information or deactivate it in XML file (SecurityBean.properties) as specified in BAM Admin Guide.

Ramesh Kuruba
Integration Consultant
Insolexen Corp.,