What is the Date Time format to display AM or PM?


Need to display yyyy-MM-dd HH:ss AM or PM

What is the dateformat can anyone pls let me know.


Search the web for “java SimpleDateFormat” The date services accept the same specifiers.


For displaying the date format in: yyyy-MM-dd HH:ss AM or PM,
Just goto the developer, and on right side, click on “Content Type”, then modify the using “string_customised”(if data-type taken as string), and copy the following in “pattern” field as it is:

It will give the date in format as: 2010-20-10T24:59:59
Modify it according to your business logic.


Date/time format where? Are we talking about executing one of the WmPublic/pub.date services and getting the date in a certain format? If so, the Built-In Services Reference guide has a whole section that describes this. Search for “Pattern String Symbols”.

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USe format … HH:mm:sss a “a” is for AM-PM

use below format … to display AM or PM …

yyyy-MM-dd HH:ss a

Thanks all for your inputs. The “a” worked as AM or PM.

Thanks Again.