What happend the .TXT file having Many records (like i millien records )

What happend the .TXT file having Many records (like i millien records ) what happend when you picking the file it read or throughing an exeption please explain

Your questions are not making much sense so it is hard for others to respond helpfully.

Please give a context as to what you are trying to do, what you have attempted (perhaps include screen shots) and what results you are seeing that are different from what you are expecting. If you are getting an exception, please give the actual error message.

For this question: do you have a flow service that can read a small file, but when it tries to read a million records, it throws an exception? Or are you unable to select a file? What are you using to read the file? A java service? flat file adapter?

Hi Syam,

I understand your eagerness to getting hang on to webMethods and you are trying many things. Good!

But let me tell you, webMethods documentation is absolutely large and you can get the answers for most of your questions if you read through it.

For your question,

Let everyone know, what are you trying to achieve here ?
1 million records of what, is it from Database, from XML, from Flat-files, from CSV or what?

Search this forum with keywords of your problem.

welcome to webMethods!


Your question is very vague and are you trying to explore this on learning sake or its an interface task given to you?

Yes please review the wM documentation and especially IS Administrator/Built In services/Flat File adapter parsing etc…