What are the available options to integrate SAP PO with Webmethods

Hi Experts

I have a scenario to integrate SAP ECC and a 3rd party system via SAP POI and Webmethods .

SAP ECC → SAP PO → Webmethods → 3rd Party System

I am clear on how to integrate SAP ECC with SAP PO. I would like to understand what are all the possible options available to Integrate SAP PO with Webmethods.

If possible can you please share some documentation, links and use cases with examples.

Thank You.

Use B2B Trading Networks, SAP Adapter components to achieve your integration requirements.

Refer links below:



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Hi Akella,

These are all solutioning related questions. If you need assistance on this please kindly reach out to SoftwareAG Consulting service.

In high level, SAP end can send out data via Idoc format and SAP Adapter listener needs to pickup the Idoc and process it.