Weird wsdl parts handling with webmethods

Hi all

I am currently encountering an issue with wsdl importation in webMethods.
The matter being generated parts are SYSTEMATICALLY optional.
Is it possible to change that behaviour, because parts are actually required by default
according to web services specifications.
Am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance for helping

check the WSDL, see the field has nillable=true:
<xsd:element name=“FieldName” nillable=“true” type=“tns:FieldTypeName”/>

The reason may be from WSDL
if not, WM should load it as mandatory

Yes you can import WSDL in different ways into webMethods

Ex :if you have problem with schema references, download schema references to your local and change WSDL schema location to downloaded location.

But doing these type of changes, you should have better understanding of WSDL.

Question here is what exactly you are facing issue with import?



Is the WSD connectors and associated document types/elements are not loaded properly (as per WSDL) is that your issue here during creation of WSD?



Thank you for your answers
After I realized I didn’t choose the most suitable forum, I posted a new topic here:

I’d like to add that my wsdl looks like this:


Thanks for using the correction forum section…we will check it there: