Weird error in IS server logs: Tree type not supported

Hi guys,
I am seeing weird error on my IS(9.7) today morning

[87]2017-02-16 10:56:26 EST [ISS.0026.0008C] Error: Exception serializing Flow Service com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: com.wm.lang.flow.WattEvaluationException: Tree type not supported

Also some of the flow services were wiped out today morning(like vanished) and I wasnt able to save my flow services. We are talking about DEV environment.

Is it because some one changed the ACL at the package level or service level?

Hi Abhijit,

were there any other observations regarding the IntegrationServer?

Might be, that some files got corrupted on disk.
If it is for a flow service, you can try to recover to the last state by copying flow.xml.bak to flow.xml.



Have you checked if you still have all the files of package? Do you find the folders and the .ndf and flow.xml files of the missing services?

If someone had placed an ACL on the list and read permissions, you wouldn’t be able to find the services. If it can be either a too restrictive ACL or a missing ACL.

Browse the service tree (Package Management → Browse) to find the applied ACL.

You can also check the acl.* files in the config directory.

Otherwise, you could have some JVM issues which removed some of the memory allocations. Be sure to copy the files before shutting down and restarting the IS.

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