Websphere MQ Adapter 6.5 and Queue Manager segmentation

Hi experts,

We are using the MQAdapter* 6.5 with IS 9.9 for fetching and putting messages on to IBM MQ 7.1. We are now doing some tries with segmented messages and are unable to make it to work with the adaper, IBM MQ and the q program alone works like a charm but not with the MQAdapter.

We have followed the instructions in the “webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter Installation and User’s Guide” topic “Instructing WebSphere MQ to Segment Outbound Messages”. Here it says that we should set the MQMD header MsgFlags property to “Segmentation allowed”, which has been done. We have also increased the “Maximum message length” on the channel to 100MB. Our message is 75MB and the queue Maximum message length is the default 4MB.

After these adjustments we still get “MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2010” - which in short means that the message is to big. The message shold have been segmented and fit on the queue (in segmented form) when MsgFlag is set to “Segmentatino allowed”.

For testing purpose we raised the Maximum message length on the qmanager also to 100MB but that did not resolve the problem

Have anyone got segmentation to work with the WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.5? And if so, how?

Kind regards

Niklas Ottosson
University of Gothenburg

*Description WebSphere MQ Adapter
Adapter Version 6.5