Websphere and the starter kit

Could someone point me in the direction of the Websphere integration components in the XML starter kit, I was under the impression that there would be examples and documentation?

I presume I am looking for a connection manager of some form?

Many thanks


the application server support ist part of the “Tamino API fo Java”. Look under this title in the online documentation and then “Enterprise Java Beans API”.

I thought that was a new API introduced with Tamino V3.1.1, but the starter kit uses

The FAQ for the starter kit says it supports Websphere, Weblogic and SUN Netscape iPlanet. But I can’t find any documentation or examples in the installed system?

Many thanks


you are correct. The StarterKit that includes a Tamino 2.3 version does not include any EJb support. This was introduced with Tamino 3.1. The new StarterKit based on 3.1 has been generated and should be available very soon.


Days? Weeks? Months? I know you probably can’t be explicit but a hint would help!

Many Thanks