WebSphere 8 support


We have a vendor who will be sending/receiving messages to our webmethods broker 9.6.

Does Broker 9.6 support JCA and ASF for IBM WebSphere 8.55? The latest document “webMethods Messaging Programmer’s Guide” mentions WebSphere 7.0 only.

Hi Tariq,

please follow the steps described for webSphere 7.0 and give it a try.

If it works, ok.

If not follow up with SAG Support to solve this.

The configuration depends on which one will be the JNDI-/JMS-Provider for this.


Hi Holger,

The JNDI-/JMS-Provider will be Webmethods Broker 9.6.

We can attemp the test, I just don’t want to have the vendor to install the Applicaiton server then find out it doesn’t work.

I did ask this question to SoftwareAG supprot team.
I’ll update this post once i recevie further detials from support.

Thank you!