webservices issue

Hi,my issue is
the source system is asking wM to provide webservices through which they will send us data,in turn we have to process the data according to the business logic and send the processed data in XML format through HTTP to the target system.
my questions are:
1)i have to create wsdl and webservices using top down approach from the created wsdl. how to do that?
2)after wsdl is created and webservices are created from this wsdl, how do source system connect to webservices created by webMethods? at this junction i want to know the process in a detailed manner.
3)webmethods has to send the processed data in the form of xml file to target system through http protocol.

i do know that these questions are basic but i appreciate if you can spend some time clearing these doubts for me…

thanx to all of you who has spent time reading this post…

Have a look at the best practices and examples in the “sticky” posts in the SOA Service Development forum. Also be sure to read through the Soap Developer’s Guide and Web Services Developer’s Guide documents.

Web services functionality was upgraded with the IS 7.1 release so the steps to follow will be different depending on which release you are using.


  1. If some one gives you a WSDL to define the format that they want to call, this is called a “provider” web service connector, and comes out of the box in version 7.1. You have to manually create it the inputs and outputs to match the request in previous versions.
  2. They should be able to use the wsdl they gave you in the first place, and they would just need the full path to your web service. You can also generate a WSDL to the file system and send it to the consumer. There is some additional set up here for security, which is unique to your environment and you should just read the guides for that.
  3. This is standard functionality in trading networks, if you have that. Also, can use pub.client:http service, and set the method to post, the headers.Content-Type to text/xml and data.string to the XML document that you want to post.